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RT4 Inclinación Reversas


  • Low maintenance due to few moving parts, heavy duty, rugged, and dependable.
  • Unique design allows the mold to be poured while the parting line is perpendicular to the floor. The machine tilts the mold so that the parting line is parallel to the floor for solidification and ejection.
  • Cushioned actuators provide a smooth tilting motion from start to stop.
  • Twin ram cylinders provide a safety factor, as well as extra holding pressure and better clamping balance.
  • Integral lower eject is included.


La Presión De Cierre

37,700 lbs.

(17,100 kg.)

Máx. El Tamaño Del Molde

40 x 25 in.

(102 x 64 cm)

Máx. El Peso Del Molde

1,800 lbs

(816.5 kg.)

La Carrera Del Cilindro

24 in.

(61 cm)

La Apertura De La Luz

6.25 in

(16 cm)

El Peso De La Máquina

8,900 lbs

(4,037 kg.)

Tie Bar Size

2 in. Dia.

(5.08 cm)

Velocidad De Inclinación

7 sec.



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Ejection Position

Pouring Position








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