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Company Overview

CMH Manufacturing Co. is a family owned business located in Lubbock, Texas, USA and was founded in 1982 by Charles M. Hall. CMH produces the Hall Logoline of foundry equipment with special emphasis on aluminum tilt pour gravity die-casting. CMH offers a full line of casting machines, rotary tables and peripheral work cell support equipment designed around the tilt pour principle. Tilt pouring reduces turbulence as molten metal enters the die cavity, provides shorter cycle times, and requires less metal for feeding systems. Aluminum castings produced in metal molds have a tighter dendrite structure than castings produced in other processes. In addition, aluminum castings are harder and have a better pressure characteristics. Value added options, such as sand cores or cast-in ferrous inserts are quite simple.

CMH Manufacturing Co. uses the latest in CNC machining and computer aided engineering to meet customer needs. Software supported includes all windows based programs, AutoCAD, Solidworks, MasterCAM, RSlogics 500, ControlLogix, and Rockwell PanelBuilder. CMH has a 51,100 sq.ft./4,750 sq. meter shop facility so large projects can be manufactured and drycycled on site prior to shipping to the customer.

CMH Manufacturing Co. has proven track record of successfully starting up new casting operations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, China, India, and Australia. Services include design of manufacturing process, casting machines, rotary tables, furnaces, core machines, casting coolers, automatic saws, hydraulic power systems, and integrated control. CMH can provide training in foundry operation with emphasis on the tilt pour process.

Although each Hall Logodevice is designed using proven engineering principles to be robust and function in the harsh foundry environment, the needs of maintenance personal have not been forgotten. All regular maintenance can be carried out at ground level. Where maintenance access to the internal parts of the machine is required, removable panels and external doors make this a simple task. Extensive safety interlocks to doors and guarding, clutched drive and carefully positioned control consoles, coupled with light curtain protection for the operator in critical areas, enhance our safety systems.

CMH casting equipment is ready to meet the expectations of a new breed of casting manufacturer and will help make you competitive in the new global market. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs, whether you produce 50 or 50,000 parts per day.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of CMH Manufacturing Co. to be the world's finest producer of foundry equipment. We understand that we cannot be successful if our customers are not successful. Therefore, we are committed to enhancing our customer's success world wide with products, services, and responsiveness that sets industry standards for quality and value. We will relentlessly strive to be the best in every aspect of our business by utilizing our core competencies, fostering a culture of trust, teamwork, and responsibility. We are committed to the total satisfaction of both internal and external customers, understanding their evolving needs, and exceeding their expectations. CMH Manufacturing Co. understands the value of continual improvement and commitment to our most valuable assets, our people. We are committed to and will empower all of our employees and suppliers to take the correct, quality driven action the first time, every time. We want a fair return to investors and a rewarding place for our employees.

Vision Statement

It is CMH Manufacturing Co.'s vision to have the highest customer satisfaction of any foundry equipment manufacturer on the planet.


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Defect Prevention in
Permanent Mold Casting
Through Process Control.


By John Hall

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