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Robot Casting Catcher


In keeping with our continued commitment to meet the needs of our customers and offer accessories that lend efficiency and increase production rate, we have developed our robot casting catchers. Ejected castings can be removed from the upper or lower mold halves with precision and placed on our indexing cooling conveyor, dropped into a tote box or a quench tank, depending on your requirements. Though the robot was originally designed for our rotary machines, it can interface equally well with any of or individual machine applications. Our robot is operated by an internal programmable controller and all strokes are set with adjustable limit switches. Each cylinder is cushioned on both ends providing a smooth transition of movement. The standard sequence of operation is to extend into the mold, lift or catch the casting, retract out of the casting machine, rotate 90 degrees, lower, tilt the forks to slide the casting onto the indexing/cooling conveyor and return to start. The conveyor indexing rate and spacing are adjustable with a timer. Optional applications for this robot include core setting, transfer to and from other processing equipment, etc.. An optional mechanical hand is also available.





Cycle Time (Min.)

20 Sec.

25 Sec.

Capacity (Max.)

100 lbs. (45.36 kg.)

200 lbs (90.72kg)

Lift Height

12 in. (30.48cm)

12in. (30.48cm)

Ram Stroke

30 in. (76.2cm)

36 in. (91.44cm)


90 Degrees

90 Degrees


36 Degrees

36 Degrees

  • Number 2 Power Unit - 5 H.P., 15 GPM, 700 PSI, variable volume/pressure compensated pump, with return spin-on filter. 
  • Number 3 Power Unit - 10 H.P., 34 GPM, 700 PSI, variable volume/pressure compensated pump, with return spin-on filter. Reservoir built into unit. 
  • Indexing Cooling Conveyor - Steel slider top, 1/2 x 1/2 x 24" wide galvanized flat wire belt, hydraulic direct motor drive, adjustable to 10 degrees, 24" overhang at each end for floor clearance and casting retrieval. Standard lengths are 12 ft., 18 ft., 24 ft. 
  • Control Console - Mounted on the robot unit, NEMA 12 enclosure programmable control for all functions, manual override and emergency stops are provided for safety, located at optimum height for operator control and visibility during all sequences. 
  • Robot - Compact design in right or left hand configurations, forks are custom designed for each application, and precision machining provides accurate and trouble-free operation.










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