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10 GPM Manual Hydraulic Power Unit

power units are designed to operate each of our Permanent Mold Casting Machines with optional accessories in manual or automatic mode. Timing for pouring and cooling are controlled for repeat production without variance. The hydraulic pump is variable volume/pressure compensated, and coupled directly to the TEFC electric motor. Standard configuration is with 4 adjustable timed functions and 4 valves to control tilt and ram, as well as core pulls and / or ejectors. Our automatic control unit is a PLC controlled system which offers easy repair for any maintenance crew. The reservoir is fitted with an air cooled aftercooler and system includes a separate recirculating pump to reduce heat build up and maintain reasonable system temperatures under severe service conditions. This adds significantly to the pump life and reduces down time. We incorporate the latest and most innovative designs to increase your production and profits by reducing your labor.








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Defect Prevention in
Permanent Mold Casting
Through Process Control.


By John Hall

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