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Tilt Pour Rotary Table

The PRODUCTS Rotary Casting Machine advances permanent mold casting technology another step and makes it the most profitable approach for the modern foundries today. This high production, completely automated system can meet your needs for large volume applications. We incorporate up to 12 of our standard casting machines (#2H, #3HS, #6H or RT machines) on one rotary table to reduce cycle time in each station to as little as 20 seconds.

As an example, based on our 8-station PRODUCTS #2H Rotary Table, we have calculated that eight seconds is necessary to index the table between stations without inertial forces affecting feed characteristics of castings. Assuming a three minute (180 second) cooling cycle, this rotary system will theoretically produce 120 cycles per hour.

At 83% of theoretical, it would be 100 machine cycles per hour. At 100 hours per week, this calculates out to 10,000 machine cycles per week. If there are two cavities, it will produce 20,000 parts week . This will give a total production of nearly one million parts per year!


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Defect Prevention in
Permanent Mold Casting
Through Process Control.


By John Hall

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