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5H 180º Permanent Mold Casting Machine


  • Roll-over design utilizes smaller floor footprint and allows pouring and ejection at different work stations, facilitation in line work flow.
  • Low maintenance due to few moving parts, heavy duty, rugged, and dependable.
  • PLC/Touchscreen control, hydraulic power unit is sized to operate at a medium operating pressure.
  • Twin cushioned tilt cylinders provide a smooth tilting motion from start to stop.
  • Quad ram cylinders provide a safety factor, as well as extra holding pressure and better clamping balance.
  • Hydraulic ejector system available.
  • System can be interfaced with other devices such as Robot Casting Catcher and automatic ladler.


Clamping Pressure

61,000 lbs.

(27,669 kg.)

Max. Mold Size

54 x 68 in.

(137 x 173 cm)

Max. Mold Weight

10,000 lbs.

(4,536 kg.)

Ram Stroke

36 in

(91.5 cm)

Daylight Opening

27 in.

(68.5 cm)

Pressure Height Center

24.50 in.

(61 cm)

Machine Weight

23,000 lbs.

(10,432 kg.)

Tie Bar Size

2.50 in. Dia.

(6.35 cm)

Tilt Speed

25 Sec.



  1. Front Ejectors Available as Single, Double or Quad Plate 
  2. Casting Catcher available as Left, Right, or Rear

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