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Save Money with Hall Remanufactured Equipment!

Times are tough for permanent mold foundries needing to replace a tilt machine. Have you considered having HALL do a complete factory remanufacturing of your existing tilter or perhaps factory rebuilt used equipment?

Here is an example of one of our customer's factory remanufactured 3L machine (right). We salvaged the steel and replaced worn components with new cylinders, bearings, bushings, way bars, and slide wear strips.

Our rebuild shop has open capacity and we have factory rebuilt machines in stock for immediate shipment. Please feel free to call  us for a quote: 806-744-8003

Featured Rebuilt Products

3HS Tilt-Pour Permanent Mold Casting Machine Gravity Die Casting Machine

Price $39,018 (List price $55,650)
Qty: 6


Clamping pressure
Max. mold size
Max. mold weight
Ram stroke
Daylight opening
Pressure height center
Machine weight
Tie bar size
Tilt speed
58,900 lbs.
36 x 38 in.
4,000 lbs
30 in.
17.50 in
12.50 in.
8,150 lbs
2 in. dia
7 sec.
(26.717 kg.)
(91 x 97 cm)
(1.815 kg.)
(44.5 cm)
(31.8 cm)
(3,697 kg.)
(5.08 cm)


Before Remanufacturing

After Remanufacturing







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Defect Prevention in
Permanent Mold Casting
Through Process Control.


By John Hall

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