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The Industrial Internet Of Things
& Industry 4.0 in Gravity Die Casting

By John Hall


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in Permanent Mold Casting Machines

By John Hall


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CMH Announces New Robotic Workcell Animations


Defect Prevention in Permanent Mold Casting Through Process Control

By John Hall


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New 3R from Hall

Tilt Pour designed from Robotic Interface

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Effective Die Coating for Maximum Value

In gravity diecasting, coatings can be used to present die wear and control metal solidification rate and direction

By John Hall

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New and Remanufactured Equipment List

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Part for High Speed Printing Cast with the Help of Custom Device

Modern Casting, March 2007

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Meet Our Staff

Jesse Hernandez runs and manages our machine shop at CMH Manufacturing. He is our most senior employee, and started on July 21, 1983. When he started working at CMH, there was only one lathe and one man working in the shop. All of the platens were drilled on a drill press, and he was only able to produce two a day. With improvements in technology, a platen can be produced in about an hour and a half. Four men now staff our machine shop, and they operate lathes, vertical mills, horizontal mills, and both a CNC horizontal boring mill and a CNC turning center with live tooling. The machine shop is based on precision tooling, with every part within a few thousands of an inch accuracy. Jesse and his wife Anna have been married for 38 years. They have three sons and three grandchildren.


Sales Opportunities

CMH Manufacturing, producer of the Hall line of foundry equipment, is actively seeking sales representation for European expansion. CMH MFG produces aluminum tilt pour gravity die-casting equipment and offers a full line of casting machines designed around the tilt pour principle. To apply, please email: or Call: 1-806-744-8003.


White Papers

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CMH MFG Booth #2742

Defect Prevention in
Permanent Mold Casting
Through Process Control.


By John Hall

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