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3HS Tilt-Pour Permanent Mold Casting Machine

Gravity Die Casting Machine


  • Low maintenance due to few moving parts, heavy duty, rugged, and dependable.
  • Frame open on 3 sides, plus front and bottom, to facilitate use of core pulls in 5 directions.
  • Twin cushioned tilt cylinders provide a smooth tilting motion from start to stop.
  • Twin ram cylinders provide a safety factor, as well as extra holding pressure and better clamping balance.
  • Hydraulic power units available in manual, automatic, or with programmable controllers, sized to facilitate all available accessories at low operating pressure.


Clamping pressure

58,900 lbs.

(26.717 kg.)

Max. mold size

36 x 38 in.

(91 x 97 cm)

Max. mold weight

4,000 lbs

(1.815 kg.)

Ram stroke

30 in.


Daylight opening

17.50 in

(44.5 cm)

Pressure height center

12.50 in.

(31.8 cm)

Machine weight

8,150 lbs

(3,697 kg.)

Tie bar size

2 in. dia

(5.08 cm)

Tilt speed

7 sec.



  1. Tie Bar Extensions
  2. Manual Swing In Casting Catcher 
  3. Powered Swing In Casting Catcher 
  4. Front Ejector 
  5. Proportional Tilt 
  6. Custom Platen Drilling or Sizes

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